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Vol. XXXII, No.2 March 2010 Editor: Lois Gadek

We Need To Talk! (A Message from Spook)

How did you survive the blizzards? How about the flooding and heavy rains? And that wind! I was so grateful that all my animal friends and I had a safe, dry place to be here at Animals in Distress.

Imagine those poor animals who aren't so lucky. It makes me so sad to think about them. They didn't do anything wrong, but they find themselves alone and scared. I know what that feels like.

Spook gets a visit from the Easter Bunny in 2009
I wanted to let you know that my friend Eli is doing better now after a really bad turn. He went to a specialist and got put on some medications that seem to be helping. Poor guy - he's still got all the bullets in him, and is still paralyzed, but at least the folks here can help him empty out his bladder easier than before the meds. Please keep your fingers crossed that the meds will keep him alive.

Hey! That's me with the Easter Bunny. The Bunny will be here to take pictures with pets (and people too). Hope you can join us!

BaileeI am now taking care of a very sweet beagle named Bailee who fell on hard times. When she came here, she had a cough that quickly went into pneumonia. The poor pup was so sick that she had to stay at the vet hospital for almost two weeks. She was in isolation in case she was contagious, and her fever went up and down. The vet said she might die. We were all very upset, since she just got here and seemed so sweet. Well, we told that vet that her dying was not an option! No, no, no! I don't know where any of us got the courage to say that, but we did. She was so happy, so full of life, despite her age, and she deserved a second chance.

Well, Bailee just returned from the vet. She lost a lot of weight, and seems to have aged a lot, but she is alive. We are nursing her, and loving her, and praying for her. She still has a long way to go, but she will not make the journey to recovery by herself. We will all be with her, loving her and letting her know she is not alone.

They moved her into the cat wing and put her near me, so I can keep a watch over her. Since I spent so much time in hospitals, I have some medical ability and use it to help take care of some of the sick critters here at Animals in Distress.

I also give her pep talks, to encourage her to eat and to keep her spirits up. Sometimes, she looks so tired, and so sad, that I get afraid she has given up. I tell her how pretty she is, and how much we love her, and I think it helps. She seems to understand that better days are ahead, and she has to fight hard to live so she can enjoy the time she has left. I don't mind the extra work for me. I remember when everyone here did so much for me (and, honestly, they still do!), and I want to do my part to pay back the kindnesses I have received. I might complain sometimes about being forced to train puppies and herd the guinea pigs, but honestly, I like being needed.

The dedicated folks here at Animals in Distress try so very hard to help us, but sometimes worry about how they are going to be able to find the money to help animals (like me, Eli, Lexi, and now Bailee) who need major medical care and months, or even years, to find just the right home. YOU make all that possible, and you are the reason that I and my friends are alive today.

Thank you for caring, and for being part of the Animals in Distress family.

   Love and Licks,

        Your Friend Spook