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Vol. XXXII, No.2 March 2010 Editor: Lois Gadek

Mardi Paws Was A Blast!

A Great Time Was Had By All:
Mardi Paws as seen by guest author Gilligan

On Saturday February 26, just a day after another blizzard, my friend Spook and I hosted Mardi Paws. I could hardly control myself as my nose processed the smell of New Orleans cooking. Through the night, I had my share of sampling thanks to the people who could not keep their food on their plates, and might I say that the food tasted as good as it smelled.

Gillian helps host Mardi Paws 2010Everyone was so friendly and happy. They admired me in my party outfit, and said I looked like a real dude in my purple felt hat! I even got to wear some cool shiny beads. Later, I discovered that the beads were part of a social game, which I knew I was going to win because I love people. The object of the game was to get people to say “no” and if they did, you got to collect all their beads. I was barking my best to try to win the game.

However, I was told to be quiet because I was making too much noise. Now that I think about it, I should have gotten beads for getting told “NO” barking! By the end of the game, however, the top prize went to a young girl who took almost everyone’s beads. She was really good at the game.

After awhile, I got my chance to get my wag on and shake my tail on the dance floor. I think the other dogs there were secretly jealous of my moves. I was so excited to see my feline friends that I barked at them with joy. They were so excited to see me that they ran the other way to tell all their friends how cute I looked. However, I didn't understand why they never came back.

The Mardi Paws Bead Game Winner with DJ Dan from First Class EntertainmentAside from all of the food, prepared by caterer Karen Mesch and a group of great volunteers, and entertainment compliments of Dan, a rockin' DJ from First Class Entertainment (pictured at left with that bead grabbing young lady), the shelter held a silent auction, where I wanted almost everything. I wanted to bid on the diamond earrings, since I knew they would look great with my dude outfit. Another great gift they had was a bat and ball which would be great for fetch. I heard someone mentioning a professional player signed it; all that mattered to me was the vision of chasing that ball and digging my teeth into that leather. Many other prizes were gift certificates, incredible jewelry items, an original sculpture, fabulous gift baskets, and so much more. I wanted to bid on several items, but I had spent my allowance on gifts for my girlfriend Carol.

Toward the end of the event, a special slideshow, lovingly put together by Lori and John Cima, displayed pictures from the shelter. Those pictures brought back so many memories of pets and people, of good times, of pets who have passed away. They reminded everyone of how Animals in Distress will always be a second family to many of us (and for some, our only real family).

Lori and John Cima celebrate their first anniversary. They were married at Mardi Paws 2009.The evening closed with a special toast to honor the first wedding anniversary of Lori and John Cima (pictured at right with Marla Burke) who were married one year ago at our shelter during the Mardi Paws event. Lori and John met through their involvement with Animals in Distress and have become an integral part of everything that happens at our Kennel of Hope. Even though I was not old enough to drink the toast, I hope that they knew how thankful I and all my animal friends are to everyone who made this event possible. As Spook said, this event went purrr-fectly. I can't wait to party with everyone at next year's Mardi Paws.

I took some pictures to try to capture the fun. I hope you like them. Not bad for an old guy like me!

Love and Licks,

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